"A 75-year-old diabetic and hypertensive man travelled from Iraq after 4 cycles of neoadjuvant chemotherapy for surgery, underwent an uneventful laparoscopic pancreaticoduodenectomy from which he made an uneventful recovery and was discharged on day-4. (Picture taken in clinic on day-8, three days before his travel back to Iraq)."

"You made this happen. Thanks for everything Dr Basil! 191kg before surgery now 101.2kg!"

"Now, thanks to the gastric sleeve procedure – which is performed by key-hole surgery and involves removing a large portion of the stomach, before the open edges are attached together to form a ‘sleeve’ shape – he is enjoying ‘a whole new lease of life’. “Now I’m out all the time – seeing old friends, and making new ones. I feel so much more comfortable in a social setting now. Even though I’m not with anyone at the moment, it’s also making that side of my life easier, since I actually have the confidence to approach people and talk to them now – something I never would have done before.” "

"Professor Ammori and his team changed my life and I am so grateful! xxxxx Thank you! "

"Pauline Mole Gibbons, 49, dropped from 40st to 18st after life-saving gastric bypass surgery. Mrs Mole Gibbons believes the gastric bypass saved her life and says she is very grateful to the surgeons. "

"Professor Ammori performed my Sleeve gastrostomy in June 2012 when I was 28 yrs old, I can not thank him and his amazing team enough. Before my surgery I was just over 28 stone with a BMI of 55 and on the verge on developing further heath issues due to my weight, and would not have lasted another 5 years if I continued to live my life as I was doing. I used to kid myself that I was happy and that enjoying life while I was bigger but the truth was I didn’t really have a life, and I didn’t realise that until after surgery. The changes in me have been huge, apart from the physical changes, I now have more confidence, self esteem and have tons more energy to do things. I was so nervous prior to surgery but the team were amazing and talked me through everything and I was made to feel that at ease that I requested Professor Ammori to performed my laparoscopic cholecystectomy in July 2013 when I developed Gallstones. I do not regret my choice to have surgery 1 bit, but would stress to people that it is not the quick fix it is made out to be in the media, it still takes will power and determination and every bit worth the couple of days discomfort post op. At 21 months post of I have lost just over 15 stone and I still have approximately 1 – 2 stone left to loose , I have been left with some excess skin since loosing weight but I feel it is a small price to pay for the years of abuse I put my body through. I cant stress enough how grateful I am to Professor Ammori as I really do owe him my life!"

"I had my gastric sleeve operation in October 2012. My sister had had a gastric bypass five years previously and I had wanted it done then but could not afford it at that time. Professor Ammori also did my sisters and that was how I,d come to here about him. I,d always struggled with my weight and had done every diet known to man, but as always put more weight on when I came off the diet! When I,d saved enough money, I came to Professor Ammori and he said he would do my operation. I,d given up drinking (although I didn,t drink a lot!) , and I,d stopped smoking two years previously. Having the operation is one of the very best things I have done in my life… I lost two and a half stone by the Christmas, and dropped the next three by the May. Five and a half stone in total!!!! My hot flushes lessened, my bad back eased, my sleeping is so much better…(Andy says I don,t snore anymore!!!!) and my confidence level is at an all time high!! I have stayed at a constant 9st /9st 3lbs ever since..food is not an issue for me anymore and I have a sensible little and often diet which suits me perfectly… Many thanks to Professor Ammori, Suzanne and Jennie for the fantastic care, advice and encouragement throughout the whole process… I know they will always be at the end of the telephone should I ever need them… Thank you for giving me my life back"

"Dear Prof. Ammori Further to our skype call last night as promised I have attached a Before and After picture. The dates on the photographs are exact. Below is my success story: “Having yoyo dieted since I was 18 years old, I was heavier than I had ever been (even when at full term pregnancy) at the age of 48; I weighed in around 14st 9lbs. I was totally fed up. A friend had a gastric balloon fitted 6 months previously and although she had some issues I started researching for a similar solutions. I was originally interested in gastric plication and did copious amounts of research into where I could get this done. I really did not want to go overseas as I was concerned the aftercare might be missing. On various forums Prof. Ammori’s name came up time and time again and the reviews were excellent so in December 2013 I called his office for a chat. His PA set up a skype consultation for me as I lived quite far away from Manchester where he is based. During the consultation Prof. Ammori was attentive, considerate and explained all the options open to me in detail. He gave me his recommendation on what surgery he felt would be best and was open on his experience in carrying out various procedures as well as their success and longevity levels. He also gave me expectations on the weight loss I could achieve, how I would be after surgery and what would be required of me to reach and maintain my goals with the emphasis being that this was only a tool to assist with reaching the goal not the solution. I thought about the consultation for a week or so and then decided on a sleeve gastrectomy, as recommended by Prof. Ammori. I called the office and set the date for my surgery and immediately after Christmas 2013 I followed the pre-surgery diet for 2-3 weeks before my surgery date of 18 January. All the pre-surgery assessments were carried out the day before the surgery as I lived quite a distance away. I was apprehensive on the day of the surgery but Prof. Ammori visited me and talked me through the whole procedure and what would happen afterwards. I had my surgery at the Alexandra Hospital in Manchester, on 18th January 2014 and Prof Ammori allowed me to go home the day afterwards; the team were first class and the care I received second to none. Although I had some discomfort (normal following surgery) I was back at my desk working on Monday 20th January (yes 2 days after surgery). Post op I followed the rules set out by the Prof to the letter and although it took me around 4-6 weeks to feel fully recovered I was able to function normally going to work, looking after my children etc. The weight started to drop off and by the time I went for my 6 month check in July 2013 I weighed 10st 12 lbs; I looked and felt like a new woman and I told the Prof at that visit if I didn’t lose anymore I would be happy at that weight. Prof. Ammori explained that the weight loss would now slow down quite considerably. I went to the gym and swam 3-4 times per week from 6 weeks post surgery (I still do). 1 year post op I weighed 9st 8lbs and have been this weight since November 2013. So how do I feel….absolutely FANASTIC. Prof Ammori and his team have given me my life and the old me back. I have no words as to how to thank them enough; the before and after pictures speak for themselves.” Thanks again Best wishes "

"Hi Prof. Ammori Seven and a half stone lost since November. Can’t thank you enough, you have gave me a new life…… "

"I had struggled with my weight since I was 7 years old , so over 35 years. I had toyed with weight loss surgery for the last 3 years but was too scared to undergo it. Professor Ammori had come highly recommended so I finally summed up the courage to have the operation in December last year. I was dreading the pain after the operation. However, as your stomach doesn’t have any pain receptors the operation was virtually painless and I didn’t need to take any painkillers at all after I went home which was only 24 hours after the operation. In fact, I was Xmas shopping with 3 children later that week! I am so pleased I was brave enough to do it and I feel proud of myself for making this decision. I feel like I have been unlocked from a prison cell that was my overeating and I am on my way to getting the life I always wanted. Everything has changed for the better, my sleeping, my breathing and mostly my ability to participate in life to the full. The best thing about it all is that I can control my hunger now and I just don’t get hungry in the same way as I did at all. That has really helped and therefore I have lost nearly 5 stone in just three months. My only regret is that I didn’t do have this operation years ago."